Thank you so much to everyone who made the trip out to Montsalvat to see Fuyu no Hinata, which finishes this Sunday. Sometimes it's tricky even to get to a show in the city, so we really appreciate all the people who ventured out there. Thank you! It was such an honour to exhibit with my good friends Yuko and Yoko, especially to see Yuko have an exhibition here in Australia in her 6 month visit from Japan. And also it was a nice experiment to exhibit out of the city - it seemed to get a really nice response. 

Now I'm finishing off a project which will open at Mr. Kitly gallery next Friday the 8th, and as well as an eclectic, lovely collection of treasured personal pottery, collected from friends and family, you'll get to see more of Yuko's exquisite weavings. 

This is really a lovely project I'm lucky to be a part of. I'll put the exact details up here soon. x