Finally, the clay that I dug near the Yarra in Eltham is back from it's first trial firing. 
Thanks to my friend Yoko Ozawa, the amazing ceramicist. 

ITS INCREDIBLE. I've never seen such orange and red. びくりした!

Above: White porcelain (L), dug at bisque (middle), and dug clay at final firing (R)


+ + weaving + +

The white yarn in the piece on the right (above) is handmade from twisted washi paper, by my friend Yuko Yokota. すてきな。:)


three bowls

These three bowls were made by my mothers friends brother. 
They have been well loved and well used by her and her family, and are quite cracked and chipped now. 

It seems a nice project between us to kinsugi (gold laquer) them for her, so that she can continue to use them. (Photos of the after coming...)