Yarra project two, Abottsford Convent

I've been invited to take up residence in C3 Gallery at the Abottsford Convent, from next month. Over three weeks I'll be visiting the Yarra River and using site specific materials in my pottery practice. I'll also be using the gallery space for my usual studio activities. 

Please come and visit, perhaps we can make a Yarra River cup together. x 


digging (autumn)

Today I dug clay out of the ground in Eltham for the second time. 
It was pretty special to re-visit the site after four months, and notice how much had changed from Spring to Autumn. 
It was also rainy and wet today - a contrast to the dry hot weather of the last dig.
The ground was soft but the clay was heavy. The air was really still. 

(digging spot knee rests)