fuyu no hinata / 冬の陽向

Country, wintery vibes. 
With weavings by Yuko Yokota (Japan) and ceramics by Yoko Ozawa (Australia) and me, at Montsalvat, Eltham, Australia. 

Opens Thursday 26th June, 6.30pm, until August 4th, 2014. 


sake to utsuwa / さけとうつわ

Sake to utsuwa/ さけとうつわ opens this Friday 6th of June at Mr. Kitly!
Stoked to be joining these artists in responding to select boutique sakes: Alex Standen, Bridget Bodenham, Jane Sawyer, Julie B, Kate Hill, Kirsten Perry, Matthias Kaiser, Mountain Pottery, Rowsaan, Sandra Bowkett, Shino Takeda & Yoko Ozawa

(artwork by dear plastic)

deconstructing someone else's work



I was asked if I'd like to recycle the clay from Andrew McQualters work A form made by constructing a coil pot in the space between Craig & me, from Assembly: Contemporary Ceramics at Margaret Lawrence Gallery. I've never met Andrew, and he wasn't present when I was pulling apart the work, but it was pretty incredible to use my hands to undo something that held the finger prints of something him and Craig had made. I guess our conversation is in the work. 

This terracotta is going to be recycled into plant pots for natives by myself and many other willing hands. We'll use the coil pot method, and the social aspect remains. From one thing to another...