Faux Museum

I put some Yarra River pottery in the C3 Artspace fundraiser exhibition
Opens this Thursday 27th, 6pm. 



last year

This time last year I was just getting back from Japan after Kofu Art Festival and living with Yuko-san. I remember I had two weeks in Melbourne and then went to live at Laughing Waters for one month for a residency. I found a disposable camera last week that I carried around Fuji-shi and Kofu and Yuko-sans house. 


- - - - U - - - - -

A still from the film that Craig Burgess has been making while I've been digging. 


Eltham clay plate

Just got this little plate out of a slightly too hot kiln. I think it got to about 1285, but it's still holding up - and the glaze fit is great. The underside is all burnished and mottled.. and the edges have that burnt umber colour. Still can't believe this came from a hole that Craig and I dug last year. I'm excited to be continuing along slowly with this project, with just as much time spent on considering the site of excavation and the changes I've made to it, as any physical making or firing. 



Here are some shots from Mend, which finishes this Sunday at Mr. Kitly, Brunswick. 

(Hand made wooden spoon by Eugene Howard)

(Wheel thrown bowl by John Papworth (AUS) 1970's)

All of the chips left over from the repairs

Instal shot

(L-R Jessica Hans vase, Kate Hill Yarra River cup, Keiko Matsui)

(L-R Willow pattern plate, Shino Takeda bowl)

Lonsdale street clay

dig number three


Craig and I went back to the dig site today in Eltham for the third dig. The winter dig. Everything is oozing moisture and the hole was completely full of water. The birds were going crazy and the acacias are bursting. I emptied the hole of it's water and watched as the surrounding earth repelled the water I bucketed onto it, and trickled back into the hole again. We went down to the river and upon return, the hole was full. 


time as a raw material

"His (Guattari's) definition is ideally applicable to the practices of the contemporary artists who create and stage life-structures that include working methods and ways of life, rather than the concrete objects that once defined the field of art. They use time as a raw material."

Bourriaud, N 2002, Relational aesthetics, Les presses du réel, France.



Opening: Friday 8th August, 6pm
Dates: 8-25th August
Mr. Kitly, Melbourne. 

Words and information about the show here



Thank you so much to everyone who made the trip out to Montsalvat to see Fuyu no Hinata, which finishes this Sunday. Sometimes it's tricky even to get to a show in the city, so we really appreciate all the people who ventured out there. Thank you! It was such an honour to exhibit with my good friends Yuko and Yoko, especially to see Yuko have an exhibition here in Australia in her 6 month visit from Japan. And also it was a nice experiment to exhibit out of the city - it seemed to get a really nice response. 

Now I'm finishing off a project which will open at Mr. Kitly gallery next Friday the 8th, and as well as an eclectic, lovely collection of treasured personal pottery, collected from friends and family, you'll get to see more of Yuko's exquisite weavings. 

This is really a lovely project I'm lucky to be a part of. I'll put the exact details up here soon. x 


Green magazine

My work is featured in the current issue of Green Magazine, a publication on sustainable architecture and landscape design. It's part of a regular feature by Brave New Eco, on sustainable products and design. Thanks Megan. :)