Yarra river vessels

This is the final collection of Yarra River walk vessels, made over the month long artist residency at Laughing Waters.  
They are thrown from porcelain + Yarra river water. It's nice to see the different staining of the porcelain... with some have chunks of wood and earth.

This is the forth river I have used in this river cup project now, joining the Ovens River, Merri Creek and Aikawa River cups. I hold on to one from each project, and the rest find their way out into the world. 


going to japan

This is for the lovely Kisato-san and Hide-san at Patagonia Minami Kisaten in Yamanashi, Japan. 
I feel so honoured to put my work in their beautiful cafe. Furthermore, this exchange is not monetary.. for the sale of these pieces, they'll send me some nice Japanese goods in exchange. Incredible. <3


new work (LWAIR collection)

Here is some of the work from the residency. 
Most of these glazes were sourced locally and reflect my time there and this particular project, and can't be repeated.. 
If you'd like to find some pieces  you can visit Mr. Kitly in Brunswick and the rest is going to South Patagonia cafe in Yamanashi, Japan. 
It's so nice to be able to keep the connection with such a special place. Ureshi!